5 benefits of soft water in your home

5 benefits of soft water in your home


Magnesium and calcium are common in soil and on their own these minerals are really for the most part harmless.  However, when dissolved in our water supply they create hard water that can cause damage to your skin, hair and home.

There are many benefits to ensuring you have soft water in your home. Here are five of them:

Cleaner Dishes
Notice spots on your dishes and glasses? These are hard water deposits. When hard water comes in contact with heat in your dishwasher, the minerals in the water are released and deposited on the surface of your dishes living those spots.

Brighter Clothes
The same mineral deposits that can leave your laundry harsh and scratchy can also make your clothes appear more dingy. The hard water deposits may also mix with stains already present on clothes, further harming them.

Smoother Skin
After a shower or bath in hard water, your skin may be dry and itchy. Soft water is easier on your body and leaves your skin softer and smoother.

Better Showers
Soft water can actually make your shower experience better. Many showerheads with hard water become clogged, altering the spray pattern and diminishing the water pressure. This does not happen with soft water.

Fewer Clogs
Plumbing with soft water will last longer than plumbing with hard water, which  can cause a buildup of scale and mineral deposits that cause clogs and reduce the water pressure in your home.